What are the important features of accounting software?

Accounting software is a computer program that does various tasks like accounting, storing financial data, and recording business transactions made by an organization. Here, accounting software in Malaysia helps to connect different devices to the internet in time to store accounting details.

Accounting software helps to manage your company’s financial transactions by tracking your money flow in and out of your account. The accounting software in Malaysia is designed with time-saving options. You can save time by reducing the time required for data entry about financial transactions. The software records the payment you receive, and made, and other information about your transaction.

The software helps to create a variety of reports on the financial statement based on the profit and loss of the statement in the balance sheet. Using this software you can compare the transaction activity between two different years and months as per wish. The analysis helps to improve the business growth; you can make a business decision based on the growth of the business you wish to achieve.

The feature of accounting software includes

  • Payment processing
  • Account payable
  • Payroll
  • Banking
  • Account reconciliation

Most accounting software uses double-entry accounting to make accuracy with the transactions of accounts receivables, accounts payables, banking, reporting, and features in the software.

payroll software in Malaysia

Payment processing

The accounting software allows the customer to send an invoice with special features. It helps them to check the processing of checks and other bank deposit details with an organization with improved security for the payment with less processing time on a particular transaction. The accounting software also handles credit and debit card payments.

Account payable

In the modern world, no one wishes to pay bills. So, the accounting software helps to keep tracking the funds flow outside and inside with proper billing in the transaction history. It includes

  • Purchase order
  • Vendor memos
  • Automatic payment and other


Payroll is extremely classy in accounting software, which payrolls everything and calculates the hourly wages for the workers and others with proper tax.


The accounting software is linked to the bank account to make direct payments on time without any loss.

Account reconciliation

If an individual has more than one bank account, the software keeps track of all the accounts to maintain financial transaction bills.

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